Eglamore and Cristobel ~

A Medieval Love Story

Romeo and Juliet. Tristan and Iseult. Antony and Cleopatra. Bonnie and Clyde.

Some people are just made for each other. How they got together, how it all worked out… well, that’s what love stories are all about.

One love story that’s been around for hundreds of years is the hauntingly beautiful medieval tale of Eglamore and Cristobel, star-crossed lovers from long ago. Theirs is the story of a cruel father, three dangerous tasks, a fateful journey, and a love that will not be denied. The random winds of fate conspire to keep them apart. Will they lose each other forever? Or will love conquer all?

Dolores Hydock, in the voice, spirit, and costume of a cranky crone, brings to life this original adaptation of a passionate 14th-century tale of desire, heartache, treachery, and the triumph of true love. The storytelling crone, as always, adds editorial commentary as she tells the tale; medieval music trio PanHarmonium lends musical punctuation on harp, hurdy-gurdy, lute, viol, recorder, and other instruments of old.

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Award-winning storyteller Dolores Hydock, in the costume, voice, and spirit of a wily old crone, serves as the narrator who freely expresses her opinions as she spins the tale.

The story can be told with or without period music provied by the musicians of PanHarmonium -- David Cantrell, Susan Marchant, and Gilbert Ritchie. With recorders, harp, hurdy-gurdy, lute, viols, and psaltery, they add haunting melodies and exuberant songs of the period to this powerful story.

"I am 17, and as a child I was fascinated by tales of dragons and warriors. I loved hearing and reading stories of men who stood for something as opposed to our modern society where most men will fall for anything. I loved this story. Throughout, I felt as if I was not at a storytelling festival but in a dirty 13th century street, that I was not wearing jeans and a button-up shirt, but rather a tunic. You kept me hanging on every word wanting to know exactly what was to happen to these two lovers who became very real for those few moments. After the performance, I noticed that I had gained something from the experience. Your story stretched my mind -- it gave me new ideas and a lot to think about. Though the performance was over, I carried the story with me.

                                    --Adam B., audience member at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival

For a video excerpt from a live performance of Eglamore & Cristobel,  click on the arrow on the photo at left or the photo at the top of the page.

The Making of Eglamore and Cristobel

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This story can be told with or without the period music of PanHarmonium. It requires minimal stage set-up.


Eglamore & Cristobel on CD
The CD of Eglamore &  Cristobel received a Resource Award for Story Recordings from Storytelling World Magazine. Click here for information about this CD and Dolores' other award-winning CDs.

Other medieval story adaptations

Dolores and the musicians of PanHarmonium also collaborated to create an original adaptation of Silence: The Adventure of a Medieval Warrior Woman.     Click here for video and other information about that story. Dolores and PanHarmonium also collaborated on modern-language adaptations of the stories Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Juggler of Notre Dame.

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PanHarmonium was formed in 1987 to recreate the music of ancient times using the instruments and musical styles of the period. Together, David Cantrell, Susan Marchant, and Gilbert Ritchie have performed at Birmingham's City Stages, the Festival of Arts, ArtBurst, the Kentuck Arts Festival in Northport, and other arts events. Their repertoire includes medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, played on reproductions of the crumhorn, recorder, harp, organistrum, and other instruments.

Click on the arrow above for an excerpt from the story.

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