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A Sweet Strangeness Thrills My Heart: 
      The Journals of Sallie Independence Foster, 1861 - 1887

Storytelling World Magazine award winner for story recordings!

Sallie Independence Foster was 12 years old and living in Florence, Alabama in 1861 when the Civil War began. This bright, articulate girl kept a diary at the time, and she kept on keeping a diary for another 26 years. Through her journals, we get a funny, touching, and uniquely personal look at a world of innocence colliding with the reality of war. Then, when the war ends, we see how she -- like thousands of others -- began to create a new life in a radically changed world.

Storyteller Dolores Hydock and music historian Bobby Horton interweave Sallie?s story with camp songs, period favorites, and original tunes to explore the life and times that Sallie shared with her "dear Companion."

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In Her Own Fashion

Storytelling World Magazine award winner for Story Recordings!

Ninette Griffith was Fashion Coordinator of Loveman's Department Store in the 1950s and 1960s. She was also a sassy, ambitious, independent woman, born in 1913, who lived a life full of celebrity hi-jinks, career disasters, and reckless romance. At age 96, Ninette was ready to tell all. This is her funny, irreverent, true story.

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It Could Happen! Stories of Hope and Possibility

Storytelling World Magazine award winner for story recordings!

New stories about finding hope in the small things that make
life sweet in the midst of chaos, and exploring possibilities --- sometimes in unusual places. 

In-Laws and Outlaws ~ Family Stories

Storytelling World Magazine award winner for Story Recordings!

"I learned a lot about life at Mother's knee. The rest I learned at other joints."

It's an old joke, but true: Life lessons show up in unexpected places.

Where did you learn about True Love, for instance? What's the difference between the truth and The Truth? Why do we bother with holiday rituals, year after year? And what does a 14th-century philosopher have to do with homemade lasagna? Find out in this lively collection of family stories.

Perfect Match

Award winner, Stories for Adult Listeners, from Storytelling World Magazine 

"...warm and winsome ... Who knew wilted kale could be so interesting?" -- Mary Colurso, The Birmingham News

Newfangled meets old-school in these light-hearted stories about technology and trendiness vs. time-honored tradition.

In the title story, Perfect Match, high school romance goes high tech in a combustible mixture of cupid, computers, and chemistry class. Fashionable food fads get fried in a sixty-year-old skillet in Sharing the Gold. And a casual question about conifers leads to an impromptu lesson in Western Civilization from a woman whose garden grows philosophy as well as phlox.

Silence: A medieval adventure in story and song

Award winner for Story Recordings, Storytelling World Magazine

This funny and fascinating tale from the 13th century is the story of a girl raised as a boy to protect her vast inheritance (since girls could not inherit property in the England of the story). She becomes a kind of 13th-century Annie Oakley -- anything the fellows can do, she can do better -- as she follows her heart into a life as a traveling minstrel, a valiant knight, a trusted advisor to the king. Then ... well, then things get complicated.

The story is told in the voice and spirit of a cranky old crone who freely expresses her opinions as she spins the tale. The story is interwoven with exuberant melodies and haunting harmonies of the time, as played by the musical trio PanHarmonium on reproductions of medieval instruments: harp, recorders, lute, viol, psaltery, and wonderful weird percussion.

This hour-long story invites you to leave behind the hassles of the 21st century world, and enter a world of greed, jealousy, seduction, trickery ... wait! That IS the 21st century world! Hmmm... maybe things haven't changed that much in 800 years, after all.

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Eglamore and Cristobel ~ A Medieval Love Story

Storytelling World Magazine award winner for Story Recordings!

In the costume, voice, and spirit of a crafty old crone, Dolores tells this original adaptation of a passionate 14th-century love story. There's a brave and devoted knight, a strong and faithful lady, and a treacherous father, monstrous giants, and random winds of fate that conspire to keep them apart. Would you wait a lifetime for your one true love?

The story is told with the hauntingly beautiful music of medieval music trio PanHarmonium, playing harp, hurdy-gurdy, recorders, lute, and other curious instruments.

For a video excerpt from Eglamore and Cristobel, photos of the storytelling crone and PanHarmonium, or more information about this story, click here or on the photo of the CD cover at right.

Holidazed! Stories of Holiday Disasters, Discoveries, and Delights

Award winner, Storytelling Recordings, from Storytelling World Magazine

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by all the shopping, baking, buying, wrapping, eating, celebrating, and having to be nice that the holidays require, take a break and treat yourself to stories about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everyone's personal holiday -- birthdays. The stories will remind you that other people's relatives and rituals are crazy, too. They'll have you laughing and crying at the silliness and sweetness of life. And they'll help you celebrate the longing of the human heart for comfort, joy, and connection.

Click here for a review of the Holidazed! CD from The Birmingham News.

Footprint on the Sky:
Memories of a Chandler Mountain Spring  

Storytelling World Magazine Honors Award!

Bonnets, bow-tie quilts, tomato stakes, and an old-timey cure for hiccups -- they're all part of this funny and touching portrait of an Alabama mountain community in the 1970's. Memories, family histories, and superstitions are brought to life in this story of strong women, Southern hospitality, and the generous spirit of a close-knit community. The story is blended with old-time tunes and songs from the fiddle, banjo, and guitar of old-time string musicians Flying Jenny.

"Dolores Hydock's CD, Footprint on the Sky, is like a quilt, the patches of which bring you into Alabama mountain country in the 1970s. You meet characters cooking, quilting, picking tomatoes, singing, and talking about remedies like putting buttermilk on poison ivy. When the CD is over, you've met people so real, you want to thank them for their hospitality. The Appalachian music by Flying Jenny is superb."

-- Jay O'Callahan, Winter Olympics Bard and Master Storyteller

Click  here for a review of a live performance of Footprint on the Sky.

Click here for an article about the story / music collaboration of Dolores and Flying Jenny to create this presentation.

Made from Scratch  

Storytelling World Magazine Award Winner!

A collection of original short, short stories about pennies, turnip greens, computerphobia, and other peculiarities of everyday life. Plus a story about the secret to making all your wishes come true!

"Dolores tells in a style that draws you in to a 'round-the-kitchen-table feel. Combining personal and family tales as well as a classic world tale, Dolores tells before a live and receptive audience. This is a great CD to remind you that storytelling is not just for children but for all of us." -- review from

Once in a Blue Moon

Award winner for Story Recordings, Storytelling World Magazine

Many traditional tales -- folktales of cleverness, courage, and hard-won life wisdom -- came to this country through the immigrant families who brought those tales with them from other cultures, other lives. This collection of stories includes the real story of one immigrant family's journey through Ellis Island into early-20th-century America. There are also stories of hard knocks, dumb luck, and the easy life...  some of the traditional tales that came along from "the old country" at the same time.

In the title story, you'll learn the truth about how blue moons came to be and why they don't come around very often. Looking for His Luck reveals the surprising source of abundant good fortune, and The Golden Ball shows what it's really like to live the easy life. Then, in Putting Down New Roots, you'll meet a green-thumbed grandmother with the secret to making things grow, and a family that takes a chance on finding a new life in the kind of adventure that only happens, well, every once in a blue moon.

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Nine Lives

Life-changing lessons from cats, cornbread, and rock 'n' roll

Life-changing lessons lurk in all sorts of unexpected places -- and the agents of change in our lives are not always who we expect them to be. In the story "Catechism Class," the wisdom of the ages arrives in the form of a stray cat pounding on the back door.
A chance encounter and kind word of advice lead a Pennsylvania Yankee to try to make (or is it fix???) Southern cornbread in "Southern Comfort in a Cast-Iron Skillet." And
the chorus of a beloved rock 'n' roll song floating on springtime sunshine triggers a flashback that leads to the solution of a 40-year-old mystery. 

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