Silence: The Adventure of a Medieval Warrior Woman
review byGlenny Brock, Editor, The Birmingham Weekly

Beloved local writer, storyteller and actor Dolores Hydock has taken a 700-year-old story idea and made it into a masterwork of contemporary theatre. Even if you've already seen her portray the crone in Silence a few times since she premiered the one-woman show in 2004, Hydock's stage presence makes attending a reprise worthwhile.

In her reliably remarkable style, Hydock tells a painful, poignant, humorous, and hopeful story of a girl raised as a boy for the sake of property rights. Not only does Hydock act the part of the crone acting out that girl acting, she acts also as a greedy king; a lusty queen; a pair of hardscrabble, soft-headed minstrels and, conceivable or no, several other characters.

Talk about theatre of the mind -- Hydock creates a whole countryside using nothing but her voice, a heavy drape, and a walking staff.