Taking Sides

A new and intimate look at the life of
Audrey Sheppard Williams

Audrey Sheppard walked away from the red clay fields of Pike County, Alabama, and became half of one of the most famous couples in country music history when she married Hank Williams.
Her life -- like her story -- is a controversial one. Are there really two sides to every story --
even hers? Can the two sides be opposite and still both be true?

This story lets you decide:
                                            Whose side are you on?

Special thanks to:

Lycretia Williams Hoover

Linette Sheppard Edwards

Jean Senn

Jaine Treadwell

The Brundidge Historical Society

This video was recorded by Duncan Lindsey at a special, small-audience performance sponsored by the Brundidge Historical Society in Brundidge, Alabama. 

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