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Footprint on the Sky

"Dolores Hydock's CD, Footprint on the Sky, is like a quilt, the patches of which bring you into Alabama mountain country in the 1970s. You meet characters cooking, quilting, picking tomatoes, singing, and talking about remedies like putting buttermilk on poison ivy. When the CD is over, you've met people so real, you want to thank them for their hospitality. The Appalachian music by Flying Jenny is superb."

-- Jay O'Callahan, Winter Olympics Bard and Master Storyteller

Tunes Strike Deep Chords
Lisa Ryan, The Blount Countian

Storyteller and actress Dolores Hydock cast a spell on her audience Saturday evening with compelling body language and hilarious tales steeped in homespun wisdom, joy and love, as she presented a program called Footprint on the Sky: Memories of a Chandler Mountain Spring.

Her performance at Hayden High School, sponsored by Community Arts Council of Blount County, drew people from many areas of the county -- and drew Hydock and her sidekicks a standing ovation.

Jim Cauthen, Joyce Cauthen, and Duncan Blair make up an old-time string trio called Flying Jenny, and the audience clapped and sang along as the trio's tunes struck deep chords.

A number of Oneonta residents made the trip to Hayden to enjoy Hydock's second Blount County performance. Sound-system problems blurred the line between audience and performers, and gave those attending an opportunity to be a part of the show. Arts council volunteers said they were pleased with the holiday-weekend attendance.

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